Wines & Gins

At the New Dawn Inn, we serve a variety of craft beers: Pravha, Wolf Rock, Sharps Pilsner and a number of craft bottled beers. In addition, we stock the traditional cask ales of the Wye Valley. The New Dawn Inn are proud to stock:

  • 25 different gins
  • the very rare 1724 Tonic Water
  • the classic Fever Tree tonics
  • a popular local gin, ‘Polo’ is also proving very popular since our re-opening
  • a huge range of vodkas
  • an extensive selection of beautiful cocktails: Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Lemon Kalm and Harvey Wallbanger to name but a few.
Our extensive wine list has been especially prepared for price and quality incorporating some of the world’s most fantastic drinks. It is best to book in advance as we are very busy most evenings. If you suddenly turn up though, we will always try to accommodate!
Either way, we look forward to welcoming you to the New Dawn Inn!