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A very warm welcome awaits you to what was once the Kings Head, Norton, GL2 9LR.

Image Looking for the best food and drink in one of England’s most historic areas? Well, you have surely come to the right place!
Whether you are a local who wishes to relax after a long day, a tourist looking to recuperate after a long drive from another part of Britain, or anything in between: The New Dawn Inn, situated in the picturesque Cotswold’s, is an ideal place to tuck into the most delectable food, a place to refresh yourself with the loveliest drinks.
As owners who have been trading in the restaurant business for over twenty years, we pride ourselves on providing something that little bit different from the large chain venues which are dotted around the country. We use our vast experience to provide that personal touch which means so much to our customers.
We make a point of employing chefs who are passionate about food and love real cooking. The New Dawn Inn has a strict policy of not using any microwavable foods. We make sure our customers feel like they are eating delicious home-cooked food but at a home away from home!
Every dish on our sophisticated menu is cooked from scratch by four highly-trained chefs. If a customer has special dietary requirements, we would love to know about them before your visit or at least before you order: we will do everything humanly possible to cater to your needs!
As long as you are not allergic to great food, all will be fine!
From the photos, some of you may even recognise our building somewhat.
If you did, well done Sherlock!
The New Dawn Inn was indeed previously The Kings Head! But the building has undergone an extensive renovation and re-opened in August 2017 as the New Dawn Inn. It has become one of the most stylish and popular eateries in the Cotswold area, home to a large car park and lovely garden.
Unfortunately, we are not Insured for children under the age of ten yrs. We apologise for any inconvenience but we are confident that plenty of other establishments in the area cater for the younger ones with much more expertise than ourselves!  But what we do, we do exceptionally well!  In short, The New Dawn Inn is primarily a relaxing environment for hard working folk and friends who need that special night off to unwind and  totally chill out for people looking to connect with old friends or to make new ones in a child free environment.




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